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Life should be enjoyable, and so should training and coaching!  If you're looking for a workshop or professional coaching series that makes change both transformative and fun, contact Kelli today!

You did an excellent job of presenting, interacting, and engaging our team members. I have no doubt but that they learned a lot about each other and will use the colors to better communicate with one another.  A very engaging presentation and a lot of fun!!!!  Love your animation!!!!  I don’t know what else you present but I just know you can make another trip out here later this year.  We would LOVE to have you.  You really do a great job!!!


L. M., Clinical Nursing Practice Manager, Fortune 500 Insurance Company

About Kelli Nottingham, MA

Kelli is a professional development trainer, public speaker, and coach with 12+ years in training and professional development coaching around the U.S.  Her experience spans speaking at state and national conferences, training management and employees in medical, corporate, and industrial environments, and collaborating with individuals to create and maintain lasting changes in their career and personal development goals.  A graduate of Duke University and the University of Colorado at Boulder, Kelli has garnered numerous accolades for her humor, approachability, and ability to engage her audience.  

She is a certified facilitator for DDI (Development Dimensions International), True Colors, and Change Cycle Management, and is a member of the American Society for Training & Development.  

Wanted you to know that I thought your presentation yesterday on stress Management was excellent.

- S.A., Case Management Nursing Manager  

You have a tendency to make a person feel like they can do anything and if they were to fail, get up and try again.

- Della E., HR Generalist  

"All of us have goals we dream about reaching.  My goal is to help others achieve theirs!  Our lives may not feel like rainbows and fairy dust every day, but each day we move closer to our dream is a day we can count as a victory."

- Kelli  


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